New list view: timeline

We recently added a new way for you to view some of your lists - timeline view.

Timeline view, as the name implies, let’s you see your list ordered by date, in a series of cards connected by a… well, but a timeline.

In order for timeline view to be selected on a list you need date field on the list. Once you have added at least one date field to your list then the option to switch to timeline view should be available.

If there are multiple date fields, we will use the first date field on the list (ie. in table view, the date field that is closest to the left hand side of the table).

This view won’t be suitable for many lists but, for some of the lists that have been published recently such as lists of books or movies in a series, we think this will be a great addition.

Here is an example of timeline view in action: The Complete List of Robin Williams' Movies by @entertainment720 - Listium

(This is part of a series of catch-up posts covering key feature releases in late 2022 and early 2023.)

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