Grab Image(s) from URL

Since many are likely using Listium to create wishlists. I think one amazing feature that could be implemented would be the ability to the grab product images from a given URL. Wishlist creators like ThingsToGetMe(dot)com do this, and so being able to do this instead of having to copy an image, grab the url for the image, or even saving it and uploading it.

If this feature is implemented, perhaps it could be programmed so the images are grabbed automatically when adding an item to the list with a given URL, or that this is something that is done in the background automatically for items already in a list (which is what some bookmarking services like Raindrop(dot)io does).

Hi @coffeefiend. Sorry for the delayed reply.

You might like to try the Listium Chrome Extension. You can add items to a list from any website, including grabbing an image, without even having to visit your list. This is a perfect way to build a wishlist.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.