Win an Amazon gift card and free credit on Listium

To get things rolling and to help test the system, the first 50 people to post in the Hub will get 3 months credit for Listium’s Unlimited plan. It’s just my little way of saying thanks for helping get things started.

Some suggestions on what to post:

  1. Suggest a new feature for Listium in #listium:feature-requests;
  2. Report a bug in #support:bug-reports;
  3. Give us some general feedback in #listium:general-discussion.
  4. Suggest an idea, or tell us what you think about the Hub, in #community-hub.

To spice things up, once 50 people have posted I will pick a few of the best posts (ie. most helpful, most popular, etc) and, from those, will randomly select two people who will each win a $US50 Amazon gift card.

New topics are good, but replies to existing topics are also fine. If you’d like to help out even more, voting on features and liking a few posts will also help test the system and get a bit of momentum in here.


  1. The processing of the free credit will be done manually, so there will be a bit of a delay between you posting here and the credit showing up on your account. You can always message me if you need the credit to upgrade urgently.
  2. I will reply to this post once I notice that 50 people have posted. If you don’t see that reply below then it’s almost certain that you will still be one of the first 50 posters.
  3. If you are a personal friend of mine you won’t be chosen as a winner. But I am sure you are happy to help me even without that added incentive, right? :smiley: