Welcome to the early preview of the Listium Community Hub

I have many goals for Listium in 2021. Two important ones are:

  1. Significantly increase engagement with Listium members and give them a way to help me to improve Listium; and
  2. Stop letting my perfectionist tendencies get in the way of trying new things.

This Community Hub is the result of me trying to tick both of those boxes right from the start of the year.

The Hub is not ready for a full launch so not all Listium account holders will be able to find their way here as at the date of this post. I just need a few people posting, liking, voting, and receiving notifications through the system, and then telling what they like (and don’t like!) about the Hub so I can quickly make changes and get it ready for more people.

So, rather than trying to perfect this message, I am going to finish here and post it, then move on to some other topics before letting a few people know about this place.


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This is a great space for feedback and community engagement. Sometimes done is better than perfect and we can’t make Listium or the community hub perfect without hearing from our list gurus.