Use cases for Listium

One of the things that we have found challenging at Listium is narrowing down the potential use-cases for Listium to a small enough number that we can focus primarily on those things. When you are building a startup it is very important to focus, both in product development and in marketing. Being an app that “anyone can use to create any list” is difficult for us to manage, and difficult for people to understand.

In 2020 we decided that the competition in the productivity space was arguably too high for a team this small, and decided to focus on doing one of the things that we think we do better than anyone else, and that is helping people publish lists. That doesn’t mean we will immediately turn off all features that are not related to publishing, but it does mean we will focus our efforts on supporting the use cases that relate to publishing lists.

So, what does list publishing mean?

Our goal is to create something that shares many characteristics and features of other publishing platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, Medium and SoundCloud. We will just have lists as our central content, instead of videos, photos, articles and audio respectively.

That means we have some key features on the way, such as the ability to comment on published lists (just as you would comment on a YouTube video) and to follow both users and lists (just as you would subscribe to a YouTube channel).

We’re also looking at things like embedding of lists on other sites and more integrations with other tools.

So, about those use-cases. Here’s a few ways people have used Listium as a publishing platform:

1. Share a list inside a facebook group

  • Information shared on Facebook is often hard to find even a few days after it was posted, leading to group members consistently asking the same questions, like:
    • “where is a good place to go hiking near Melbourne”
    • “what is a good electric guitar to buy for a beginner”

A well made list on Listium can be shared in the group, with contributions from all members, giving the group a place to send people next time those same questions get asked.

The group might also decide to include a link back to their Facebook page so they can use the list as a way to attract new members.

2. Share a list on Reddit

  • Reddit is home to some wonderful communities, including many people who spend hours putting together spreadsheets and lists to share with other Redditors. But not everyone loves getting their data from spreadsheets. Listium provides a great alternative, beating out Google Sheets in both simplicity (much smaller number of features) and design (multiple views make any list look good, even those with images and paragraphs of text which are two things that never look good in a spreadsheet).