Submission of a "filled" list like Google Forms

LOVE Listium, but trying something a bit different where we want patrons to use our list by filling it out and submitting it to us every year. This includes getting stars/ranking on items, etc.

Currently users could make their own and publish/send it to us, but ideally have a way to complete/edit and submit a published list would be great.

Hi @kalebm!

Thanks for the feedback. We are currently reviewing a lot of different feature ideas related to improving the ability for communities (eg. Facebook groups, businesses and their customers, forum members, etc) to use Listium in a whole variety of different ways.

I’m not sure if you have seen it, but we already have one feature that might help you if you want something like Google Forms. On all published lists there is a “Suggest Item” button. This allows anyone, even non-logged in visitors, to suggest items for any published list. The button looks like this:

Anyone who clicks that button will be presented with a form that contains all of the fields on your list. After they submit the form you, as list owner, will be notified that there is a new suggestion for you to review. You can accept/edit/reject the item.

Based on the description in your post, I am not sure this is exactly what you want. If I understand you correctly, all you want people to do is copy your list, fill in their own data, then share it with you. This is already part of Listium.

If you would like to discuss any of this on a video call, I would love to find a time to go into more detail and learn more about what you would like to achieve. Just message me here or email me directly and we can set up a time.

Thanks again for your post. It’s great to have you here in our community.


thanks for the awesome information.