Search missing on phone view

What’s happened to the Search option on mobile view. I can’t find it anywhere?

Hi @taffybach,

Nice to hear from you!

The search inside lists was causing issues (on both mobile and desktop), and I found that most people preferred to use the filter because it gave them more control over what they were searching for, such as having control over while field you were searching in. It’s a couple of extra clicks on mobile, but gives much more reliable results.

One upside of this is that a filter persists on a private list until you remove it, whereas searching is something that you have to repeat. So, if you are working on certain items in a list, it is easier to apply a filter and only see those items until you are ready to remove the filter, rather than having to repeat a search over and over.

I’d love to know if you have tried using the filter as an alternative to the search, and what you think of it (other than it being a couple of extra clicks, which I know is not ideal)?