Scrolling a list on a phone in list view can cause skipping and scrolling back to top

We have already identified the cause of the issue and are releasing a fix shortly. I’ll report this as complete after more testing once the fix is live.

We released a fix for this bug. We have not seen this issue again since releasing the fix, although the nature of this bug means we cannot be 100% sure it will be fixed in every single situation. If anyone sees issues with scrolling on phones and tablets not being as smooth as you think it should be, or even skipping back to the top of the list while you are trying to scroll, please let us know. Thanks!

I’m having this issue. While scrolling in list view on my phone, it randomly skips upward every so often. Also, the list loads very slowly, despite the fact that every other app on my phone is doing just fine. I have a Pixel 4a on Android 10. I’m definitely going to delete the app because this has made it pretty useless for my purposes

Hi @elizabethh6. Thanks for reporting this, and for including your phone and operating system to help us investigate.

While I don’t have that exact device, a few minutes ago I was just able to recreate the issue using an online tool with the same setup. Obviously we haven’t completely fixed the issue as we had hoped. I’m looking into this right now and will provide an update in a few hours.

If you can stick with us for a day or two before you delete the app, hopefully I’ll have some good news soon.

Sorry that you’ve had this issue. I’m not going to use any weak PR language like “sorry for any inconvenience caused”. Clearly this is a big frustration for you, and likely for others, and I am sorry that we weren’t able to fix this sooner. But it will be fixed!


Hi again @elizabethh6.

I think we may have finally fixed the issue with lists scrolling back to the top on some Android devices, thanks to your report!

Would you be able to have a look and let me know if the scrolling to the top has stopped?

In terms of load times, I am not sure whether you are talking about the app, or individual lists. I assume it’s the app itself. That is a harder one to fix, mainly due to the fact that it requires quite a bit of work and we don’t have a team the size of Facebook or Twitter.

HOWEVER, there is a way to speed up the load time quite a bit. If you follow the instructions in this post and use Listium as a ‘PWA’ instead of the app downloaded from a store, it will be noticeably faster. The reason for this is that Apple and Google have a lot of requirements for putting apps in their stores, and this creates additional overhead in the app that doesn’t add anything to the experience for you. However, I know this is not ideal and creates a few minutes of extra work relative to downloading the app from the store. Again, if we had a larger team we’d be in a better position to work on things like that. With the support of people like you we will eventually get to that point! :grinning:

Anyway, let me know if the ‘scrolling to top’ bug is fixed, and if you’re willing to stick with us a bit longer.