How To Make a Header

I am trying to make headers for different section in my list, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it, it just lets me add more items in the list, but doesn’t let me separate them by headers.

Hi @sgtjames ,

That’s a great question, and I agree that we could make this feature more intuitive.

Sub-headings on Listium are based on the grouping on a list. If you are new to Listium, the best way to see it in action is on a published list. Have a look at one of the “featured” lists and, assuming you are on desktop, look for the “group” button on the list settings bar. Try different options in that dropdown and you see how the headings change. (All fields on a list are shown in the “group” dropdown, but some are disabled because it wouldn’t make sense to group by certain field types".

The disadvantage of doing it this way is that you have to add a field to the list with the data you want to use for headings, and then add that data to each item. The advantage is that you can easily change how the list is grouped with one click, rather than having to manually restructure the whole list if you change your mind on how you want it structured, or just want to quickly see it grouped another way.

Another advantage of doing it this way is that group headings can do different things. For example, in table view they act as sub-headings. In kanban (board) view, they act as column headings… again, all with just one click.

Finally, the best field type for grouping is the text select field, with multi select turned off. This is the field type most often used to categorise items on a list.

I hope that helps!


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