FAQ - Community Hub

How do I log in?

During the early preview period, you must create a new account. Please use the same email address and username as you have on Listium.com so that when we link the two databases your account will easily be matched.

Once we are live you will only log in via listium.com, and you will be automatically logged in here.

How do I manage emails from the Community Hub?

Emails from the Community Hub are managed separately to emails from listium.com. Go into your Community Hub preferences to manage your Community Hub emails. We are looking at combining the two systems in the future.

What are “Trust Levels”?

The Community Hub is built on Discourse, a popular forum platform. Discourse has the concept of Trust Levels, which automatically give members access to more features as they hit certain milestones. This is in addition to “badges”, which are a way of recognizing members for participation, but don’t necessarily grant any additional rights.

What are “Badges”?

Badges allow us to show our appreciation to members who participate here in the Community Hub. We are still setting up the badges to match up with the types of activity that we value here, including suggesting features for Listium, reporting bugs, answering questions from other members, etc.

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