Embedding Listium on other websites

We had a request for the ability to embed a Listium list on their personal website. We have created an early beta version of this. Here’s how it currently looks:

Let me know if you have any feedback, or would like to try it on your own website.

This will be an invaluable feature - perfect for bloggers!

This looks great. U see this is an older post and I don’t see that it has been released yet (it isn’t in the share options). Has this or will this be implemented?

Hi @theckbert , and thanks for joining our community.

Yes, this is still planned. I won’t bore you with the long story as to why it has taken this long, but we have made progress in-between working on other things. I can’t give a time estimate, but hopefully we are now talking weeks, not months, and maybe only a small number of weeks. We’ll push it up higher on our list of priorities based on your request, @theckbert .