“Done” button when adding new list item in card view

I was looking for the “done” button and realised by using the “ < “ button at the top left that Listium had logged the changes straight away. Maybe the “ < “ could change to “Done” when a valid entry was completed or it could appear in the top right if instead you wanted the option for a user to cancel the new card entry prior to finishing (currently I guess you would have to go out and delete it from the list).

I was using an iPadPro in landscape

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions, @dekka!

The topic of whether to save changes in real time, versus having to press a save or confirm button to submit a change, is something we have discussed many times. Neither option is perfect, but we made the decision very early on that updating in real time made more sense.

Part of the issue is that we have several views for both desktop and mobile and, depending on which view you are in, the “best” option can differ. I totally see why editing an item in card mode might, in isolation, make more sense to update on hitting a save button, but it would make much less sense on, say, table view on desktop. We also didn’t want too much difference in behaviour between views as that might lead to further confusion.

So, right or wrong, this is where we got to.

We will continue to review UI issues like this, and if it ever makes sense to switch, we will.

In the meantime, I really like the suggestion of just changing the back arrow icon to something like done. I will add that to our list and look into is very soon. It shouldn’t take a lot of work.

Thanks for the feedback!

thanks for the awesome information.