Ctrl + f search feature has something go wrong

when I try searching for a specific word through the search bar it seems to crash and I have to restart listium (desktop)

Hi @dragonearuss .

Thanks for reporting that. You are right, it’s looks like we recently introduced a bug. I’ll be looking into it shortly.

For now, I suggest using the filter tool instead of search. We have been gradually replacing the in-list search with the filter as it provides a lot more functionality.

If you have any feedback, such as how we could improve the filter tool if it doesn’t do what you need, let me know.

Thanks again, and sorry about this bug.


Just following up on this issue. We have now changed things so that cmd/ctrl+f opens the filter tool instead of search, and we’ll be putting our effort into further improving that feature rather than having both a search and a filter tool.

Thanks again for reporting the bug!